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Israel Diamond Exchange

Israel Diamond Exchange Ltd is a private company, which unites about 2800 members involved in trading, manufacturing, marketing, purchase, brokerage, import and export of diamonds.

Exchange creates for its members business framework that enables them to manage their affairs maximum comfort and security both in the trade - the largest and most advanced in the world, and private offices.

Stock managed under the concept of "everything under one roof", allowing friends to find within the walls of buildings all they need, from professional services to business and related services, culture.

Exchange determines and implements trading rules and proper behavior in the diamond industry, general acceptance as well as companies on the stock exchange close.

Exchange courts and penal institutions to operate inside the case of breaches of conduct and acceptable commercial norms. In institutions clearly helps members of the stock exchange business disputes through a arbitrations.

In addition to her work at the domestic level, Diamond represents its members to various institutions in the country - government agencies, the Bank of Israel, the commercial banks, the IRS and others.
Exchange also represents its members to international processes and to international organizations that have contact diamonds.

Exchange a World Federation of Diamond Bourses (wfdb) based in Antwerp, Belgium, and the World Diamond Council (wdc), responsible for building control systems on the movement of the world's rough diamond trade in order to prevent 'conflict diamonds'. Two international organizations such exchange plays a leading role and was among the leaders in formulating and implementing the Kimberley Process.

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