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The Center for Innovation signed a contract with INOVA

The Center for Innovation signed a contract with INOVA
INOVA is a start-up company that develops technological solutions for online marketing of diamonds and jewelry through augmented realty (AR).

On Tuesday, July 10, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange Yoram Dvash, signed an agreement with the startup company "Inova". The signing ceremony was attended by IDI Chairman Boaz Moldawsky, incoming CEO of the Diamond Exchange Mr. Eran Zinni, Director of the Innovation Center, Mrs. Hanna Toledano and representatives of the Diamond Exchange Management .

Diamond dealers and jewelers who will introduce and use Innova's technology will be able to allow consumers to "measure" diamond jewelry remotely using computerized imaging that will take place in the physical reality and on the bodies of consumers. Since the opening of the Center for Innovation, dozens of applications have been received from start-ups who have applied to join the Center. The companies are undergoing a rigorous screening process, which checks their suitability, and the agreements signed with the companies that pass the classification ensure that their development will serve the Israeli diamond industry first, and that the diamond exchange will receive 6-10% of the company's shares.

Chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute and Chairman of the Center for Innovation, Mr. Boaz Moldawsky, referred to the investment in technological developments and said: "Every serious body in the business world today enters the world of venture capital to advance and find solutions for efficiency and innovation."

"The belief in the success of the Center for Innovation is the belief in the breakthrough that will transform the industry, and in time will also generate income for our diamond exchange. Israel is a world leader in technological developments, making us an ideal place to lead the diamond industry to new technological directions. The diamond exchange will Of the start-up companies that will operate in the incubator and their contribution to the diamond industry," said Yoram Dvash, President of the IDE. "The IDE will invest all its resources to ensure the success of the start-up companies that will operate in the incubator and contribute to the diamond industry."

Chief Scientist and Chairman of the Authority for Innovation, Mr. Ami Appelbaum, as well as the Ministry of Economy support the establishment of the project as part of the decisions of the inter-ministerial committee, which submitted its conclusions in February.

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