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A new study answers questions around blue diamonds

A new study answers questions around blue diamonds
The geological history of blue diamonds is complex and mysterious. A study published on August 2018, which examined these rare and expensive gemstones, aims to answer the big questions surrounding them.

As part of the study, scientists studied 46 blue diamonds, including one from South Africa, which was sold for $ 25 million in 2016, and determined that they can form at depths of at least 660 kilometers, reaching into a part of the Earth’s interior called the lower mantle

The discovery was made by fragments of tiny minerals trapped inside and provided clues about where the diamonds were formed. The researchers also succeeded in answering the question of the unique color of diamonds: The Boron element. The study indicated that the boron was once in the ocean water and was incorporated into rocks that for millions of years had gone deep underground during the inevitable movement of enormous tectonic plates that shaped the earth's surface.

Blue diamonds account for only 0.02% of all diamonds, but are included in some of the most famous jewels in the world. Such as the famous"Hope" diamond, which is shown at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, and the "Oppenheimer Blue" diamond that in 2016 sold for $ 57.5 million, at the same time the highest selling price for

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