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New Israeli CEO to GIA Israel


  Congratulations to Ms. Nogit Rahamim on her new job as the CEO of GIA Israel


The GIA laboratory is one of the most important assets of The Israel Diamond Exchange, and the very opening of a laboratory was welcome news in that it would bring prompt and efficient service within the Diamond Exchange complex.

After serving 7 years as CEO of the GIA Israel, Mr. Gabriel Alayon announced the conclusion of his term directing activities in Israel, and his transition to a senior management position in New York.

Ms. Nogit Rahamim - young and dynamic – has taken over the position of CEO in Israel and we wish her every success in this role.

At the request of a number of members, during our meeting today, I raised intensely the question of whether there is uniformity in the grading between the various GIA branches worldwide.  She replied that there is consistency on grading between the various branches worldwide and she is looking into this issue.  I was promised that the subject would be examined in depth and that we would be updated shortly as to the conclusions reached.  Members of the Exchange can also approach the GIA for clarification regarding specific stones.