The Consumer Committee promotes the well-being of exchange members and works to promote consumerism as a significant and unique purchasing power.

The Committee sees as its first objective to achieve the best deals and services at the most attractive prices and conditions for the members

The Committee examines business proposals that it solicits through proactive inquiries to suppliers, as well as offers made by external companies or by members of the exchange.

In order to take advantage of the fact that the diamond exchange membership is a large and sought-after purchasing power, the Committee initiated the creation of an exclusive consumer club, in which members are given benefits in many areas and sectors.

Among the activities of the Consumer Committee are the achievement of preferential terms for subscribers to cultural institutions, theaters such as Habima, Cameri, Beit Lessin and sports centers. In addition, members of the public enjoy a special arrangement with Delek, which gives discounts on the purchase of fuel and diesel.

Committee Chair: Chana (Chani) Israel

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