In accordance with the regulations of the Diamond Exchange, elections for the different institutions are held biennially. The electorates vote for the President of the Diamond Exchange, the members of the Directorate, the members of the Control Committee and the representatives of the tenants in the directorate of the Diamond Exchange Enterprises.
The Diamond Exchange was the first official entity in the State of Israel that decided to organize its election system by making full use of a computerized system with touch screens which allows for obtaining accurate results immediately after the polls have closed.
The vote takes place the day after the general assembly. The elections are by secret ballot, held under the strict supervision of the Election Committee established expressly for this purpose and aided by the Polling Committee and other bodies.
The Election Committee is granted extensive powers grounded in the Articles of Association of the Diamond Exchange. Its main role is to ensure that the elections are conducted in a proper and fair manner.
The committee determines procedures of required behavior including a ban on candidates organizing election propaganda in the media, a ban on sullying the name of a candidate and/or member of the Diamond Exchange and/or employee of the Diamond Exchange and a ban on campaigning in any way that could cause damage or be interpreted as causing damage to the industry, the Diamond Exchange, the members and employees.
The Election Committee periodically updates the regulations, adjusting them to suit the technological and communication advances of the period.