Boaz Moldawsky

Boaz Moldawsky

Boaz Moldawsky
Boaz Moldawsky
President of the Israel Diamond Exchange

Born in Israel in 1967. Married to Ayala, father of three children. Lives in Savion.

Served in Israel Defense Forces as flight inspector in the Israel Air Force and as a control tower commander.
Graduate of prestigious "Tafnit" program in Business Administration, Open University.
Graduated from Directors Course - Practical Practice, Israel Center for Management.
Graduated from "Manager Training - Business Management in Real Estate" course, Lahav College.

Owner and CEO of the Moldawsky Group dealing in diamonds, real estate, technology, and investments. A member of the Israel Diamond Exchange since 1990.

Boaz Moldawsky has been active in public service for many years, serving in a range of positions in the diamond industry and beyond. In 2021 he was elected President of the Israel Diamond Exchange, a position he currently holds.
The Israel Diamond Exchange is a private company owned by 3,200 members. It is one of the three largest diamond bourses in the world and is responsible for one of the most important export sectors in the Israeli economy.
The Israel Diamond Exchange is a significant international hub, attracting high-ranking government delegations as well as for private and public diamond companies from all over the world.
As President of the Exchange, Moldawsky heads its Board of Directors. The Board directs all of the exchange's activities and represents the industry in dealings with governmental bodies in Israel and the world, as well as with major international bodies.
The President of the Israel Diamond Exchange is a senior member of the World Federation of Diamond Exchanges Executive Committee, as well as the World Diamond Council, and various international forums.
As President, Moldawsky leads the industry-wide Investment Committee, the forum of heads of the Israeli diamond industry, and directs the bourse’s innovation and business development projects, including the largest and most significant real estate project in Israel.
Among his public activities for the Israel Diamond Exchange, between 2015 - 2020 Moldawsky initiated and led the establishment of a Technological Incubator, whose role is to host innovative ventures in the field of diamonds and jewelry. As chairman of the Exchange's Finance Committee he also instituted significant measures to streamline the operations of the exchange.
In 2017, Moldawsky was elected Chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute, where he served for four years. The Israel Diamond Institute is a non-profit, public interest company responsible for marketing and advancing exports of the Israeli diamond industry. As Chairman of the Institute, Moldawsky led industry cooperation with the Israeli government and with the financial institutions in Israel.
In addition to his public duties at the Diamond Exchange and the Israel Diamond Institute, Moldawsky has served for over 20 years as a member of the Executive Committee and Director of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association.
As Israel Diamond Exchange President, Moldawsky also initiated the bourse’s sponsorhip of the World Ambassadors' Club in Israel, thereby contributing greatly to strengthening the Exchange's international ties and strengthening cooperation between the State of Israel and various countries in the world.
Moldawsky is the owner and co-CEO of the Moldawsky Group, a family company specializing in diamonds, real estate in Israel and abroad, and groundbreaking technological ventures.
He is also active in social enterprises for the welfare of the community through various associations and organizations. In recent years, Moldawsky has been involved as a full volunteer in various sports associations, to strengthen their relationships with the local community. Today, he serves as a member of the "Maccabi Rishon LeZion" basketball club association.