Shaul Mofaz Gives Talk On Security Situation

Shaul Mofaz Gives Talk On Security Situation

In addition, members of the bourse heard about the work of Light Unto The Families which works to support families who have lost family members in military operations led by Irit Oren Gonders.
Hundreds of members of the Israel Diamond Exchange attended an event at the Cullinan restaurant at the bourse to hear a speech by former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on Israel's security situation.

Before Mofaz, IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer spoke about the work of the exchange to assist the soldiers during the current operation, and described preparations for the upcoming International Diamond Week.

Member of Knesset and former Minister of Defense and Chief of staff, Shaul Mofaz, gave a lecture yesterday (Sunday) on the military in Gaza, with hundreds of members of the exchange turning up.

The lecture took place in the presence of IDE President Shmuel Schnitzer, members of the presidency and many members of the bourse. Schnitzer thanked Mofaz for agreeing to give the speech. "I am delighted that we are able to host someone with such deep defense-related experience. This is the first such meeting we have had since Israel began the operation in Gaza with the deep impact it has on the lives of everyone. There is hardly anyone in the country who does not know someone who is involved."

"Many of us worry about loved ones who are at the front. Everyone here feels he wants to do something to help. Therefore, we have all taken steps to contribute our share to the war effort and join the wave of love and hugs for our fighters.

"The bourse bought ceramic bullet-proof vests for the engineering unit soldiers and organized trucks of equipment that were sent to the fighters. Bourse members raised 250,000 shekels in just two days which paid for 3,000 packages delivered to soldiers on the front."

Schnitzer also described the preparations for the international diamond week to take place soon. "We are not sitting idly by and waiting for renewing the seasonal shopping abroad, but working strenuously on the accomplishments of our diamond hub. Our efforts are focused on the market at this point in the week of international buyers to be held in Israel on September 1-4, aimed at bringing business for the benefit of all of us."

He said the show would be even more powerful due to the participation of the Diamond Dealers Club of New York and the Antwerp Diamond Bourse. In addition, leading diamond industry figures suchj as GIA President Susan Jacques would also attend.

MK Shaul Mofaz opened his lecture by wishing a successful recovery to the soldiers wounded in battle, and then spoke on the security changes that have taken place in the Middle East in recent years. "Our environment has changed a lot. We are seeing a wave of terrorism by preventing Sunni extremists in countries around us, but their main target is the State of Israel.

He described the historic struggle between Sunni and Shia and the all-out war Israel declared on terrorist organizations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip following a wave of attacks struck the country at the beginning of the previous decade.

Mofaz said that it was intolerable that Israel's way of life would be dictated by Hamas. He said that the current situation had led to the possibility of creating a community of moderate states and players in the region.