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  • Gem Diamonds sold the "Lesotho Legend" for $ 40 mi
    Only 26 diamonds caused Gem Diamonos to gain colossal profit and to inflate their coffers far beyond their previous financial year.
  •  A toast for Rosh Hashanah
    On September 5, the members of the Diamond Exchane gathered to celebrate Rosh Hashana, in the presence of His Excellency Rabbi Lau, Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon, President of the Israel Diamond Exchange Yoram Dvash, Diamond Inspector Mr. Danny Tal, President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association Mr. Kobi Koren, IDI Chairman Mr. Boaz Moldawsky and members of the IDE Board of Directors.
  • A toast for the New Year in the modern production
    On August 4, the President of the Diamond Exchange, Mr. Yoram Dvash, IDI Chairman Mr. Boaz Moldawsky, Vice President Mr. Hezi Bloom, Chairman of the Industry Sector Committee Mr. Ezra Buaron, Treasurer Mr. Nissim Zuaretz, Board Member Mr. Uri Spiro And the incoming CEO of the exchange, Mr. Eran Zini, gathered for a toast in a modern manufacturing center, where they welcomed the new year.
  • President Yoram Dvash on the World Federation of D
    On August 26-28, the World Diamond Federation held its Asia Conference. The conference was held in Vladivostok, located in eastern Russia on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan. The city is close to Russia's border with China and North Korea and is the last stop on the Trans-Siberian train leaving Moscow. The unique location of the meeting enabled the presidents of the East to reach the Federation easily because of its proximity, and this is actually one of four annual meetings held by the Federation.
  • A new study answers questions around blue diamonds
    The geological history of blue diamonds is complex and mysterious. A study published on August 2018, which examined these rare and expensive gemstones, aims to answer the big questions surrounding them.
  • President of the Israel Diamond Exchange held a me
    On 23 August, the President of the Diamond Exchangr, Mr. Yoram Dvash, held a meeting of Honorary Presidents, attended by Honorary Presidents Mr. Shmuel Schnitzer and Mr. Yair Sahar , Mr. Kobi Koren, President of the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association and Mr. Eran Zini, Managing Director of the Israel Diamond Exchange.
  • A new reform in the process of obtaining entry tag
    The process of submitting an application for an entry badge for diamond exchanges in Belgium will now be carried out through the secretariat of the Israeli diamond exchange, and will make it easier for diamond exchange members operating in Antwerp.
  • A Swiss company bought Alrosa's biggest diamond
    The Swiss-American luxury company "Mouawa" has purchased a 51.38 carat diamond, the largest and pureest of the five stones offered for sale by the Russian mining company Alrosa. According to Mawad, this is a traditional, round, brilliant diamond in the colors D and VVS1, making it the largest diamond ever made in Russia.