A new reform in the process of obtaining entry tag

A new reform in the process of obtaining entry tag

The process of submitting an application for an entry badge for diamond exchanges in Belgium will now be carried out through the secretariat of the Israeli diamond exchange, and will make it easier for diamond exchange members operating in Antwerp.

To receive the badge, please contact the Diamond Exchange Secretariat (Judy Chechik No. 22890) by telephone to mention the name of the IDE member and the date of his arrival in Belgium.

Following this procedure, the secretariat of the Israeli Diamond Exchange handles the member's request and on the arrival of the member, the entry badge will be held by the guards at the relevant diamond exchange in Antwerp.

The president of the exchange, Mr. Yoram Dvash, referred to the move and thanked the board member, Mr. Zvika Zamir, who contributed greatly to leading the reform and invested a lot of work in creating the change.

"This move is intended to make it easier for the Israeli diamond exchange member, and it is also a testimony to the warm relationship that has existed for many years between the Israeli diamond industry and the Belgian industry," said Dvash.