The Israeli Diamond Week in New York, October 2018

The Israeli Diamond Week in New York, October 2018

On October 15th-17th, the Israeli Diamond Week was held in New York, with the participation of 25 Israeli companies.

With conclusions drawn from exhibitions in previous years, the ISDE took very significant steps in the field of advertising, in order to expose a very wide audience of buyers from the United States and invite them to the exhibition.

Thousands of buyers were bought lists, as three months ago an advertising campaign was launched for Diamantaires and jewelers from all over the United States.

Thanks to the advertising campaign, 200 buyers from across the United States came to the exhibition.

The chairman of the exhibition committee, Mr. Ezra Buaron, said that the movement was very lively, there were many transactions, and many representatives agreed that this is the first time that the hall in New York is so full and alive.

This is the second time that the exhibition takes place in the new trading hall in New York, and this year due to the significant number of buyers, an orderly registration desk was opened, which made it easier to enter the hall.

The Consul General, Mr. Danny Dayan, arrived at the opening ceremony of the exhibition and delivered a speech on the importance of the deep connection between Israel and the US at this time, and praised the connection between the Israeli and New York Diamond Exchange.

As part of the exhibition, FLY TO BUY campaign was published, which subsidizes flight ticket of overseas buyers who will reach our diamond market and purchase over $ 150,000.

Mr. Yoram Dvash, President of the Diamond Exchange, said: "The exhibition's existence year after year is testimony to the warm relationship between the Israel Diamond Exchange and the New York Diamond Exchange. I would like to thank Mr. Reuven Kaufman, President of the New York Diamond Exchange..

I congratulate and thank Mr. Danny Dayan, the Consul General who visited the exhibition and offered his assistance in the future. The relationship between the diamond industry and the government is critical to the development of our industry, both locally and internationally.

I would like to thank Mr. Ezra Buaron, Chairman of the Exhibitions Committee and Mrs. Micky Katan, for the significant and important work that has been done to produce the exhibition, and to aspire many other excellent exhibitions in the future. "