Delegation of CBG senior members at the Diamond Exchange

Delegation of CBG senior members at the Diamond Exchange

In the past few months, the ISDE have been in contact with the American buying group CBG - (Continental Buying Group) which includes about 250 elite jewelry chains and stores from across the United States, among them are -

Grogan, owned by the Lon Brown Group of Tennessee, with a turnover of $ 10 million a year; jrdunn from Florida, owned by Natalie Piani, with a turnover of $ 20 million a year; Ware Jeweleries, owned by Ronny and Tina Ware of Alabama, with a turnover of about $ 15 million and the Harold Jaffe Group of Ohio, which has a turnover of about $ 5 million. The companies are involved in the design and manufacture of high quality diamonds, earrings, necklaces and diamond watches and are among the leaders in the US diamond jewelry market

Establishing a relationship with the group is expected to lead to many collaborations, the first of which is a visit that took place on October 23th, during which a delegation of 5 senior members of the organization visited the diamond exchange, led by the organization's director, Mrs. Andie Weinman.

The attendees came to establish the organization's familiarity with the diamond exchange and its various companies, with the future goal of bringing delegations of dozens of buyers from the group to Israel.

The visit begins with the "White and Blue" fair, an opportunity for buyers to get to know the various companies of the ISDE members and to be impressed by them.

President of the Israel Diamond Exchange Mr. Yoram Dvash praised the move and added: "I would like to express my gratitude to the member of the board, Mr. Uri Spiro, who has worked very hard in recent months to bring the first delegation to bring in many future collaborations with the assistance of a member of the board, Mr. Ezra Buaron..
In the meeting I held in Israel with Mrs. Weinman during the international exhibition, the subject of the delegation was discussed and during the past year many efforts were invested by the delegation to realize its arrival. I would like to welcome and thank the delegation leader, Mrs. Andie Weinman, all of us hoping that the visit will advance the arrival of larger delegations from the CBG. "