Israel Diamond Exchange complex operation

Israel Diamond Exchange complex operation

We have decided to update all of you about the way in which the bourse complex will operate 

1. All trading halls and rough diamonds halls will be closed (if equipment is required we will of course allow controlled entry of members for a short time).

2. All restaurants inside all buildings will remain closed. Depending on the need and demand, we will consider the possibility of an office delivery service.

3. The gym will remain closed.

4. Synagogue and Midrash will provide access only up to 10 people for each prayer.

5. The smoking rooms will close.

6. Special attention is required for the controlled use of elevators - we request and recommend that no more than two individuals enter the elevator.

7.You can contact the ISDE hotline 24/7.


We are working with all the authorities and agencies to ensure that we will obtain an assistance package that will allow us to pass successfully all this period.