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Changes in visa application for foreign diamantaires


Requests for extension of B / 2 and B / 1 licenses for diamantaires and their families will be forwarded to us via a dedicated email address


To receive the service, please send the following documents:

• Application Form - Application for Extension of Stay license AS/3

• Copy of applicant's foreign passport with validity for a period exceeding at least 6 months beyond the requested stay period

• Letter of request from the Diamond Administration (for B / 2 licenses)

• Work permit form for employment of a foreign resident in a specialist industry (for B / 1 licenses)

• Payment of online fee for the requested service on the Population and Immigration Authority website

• Contact information

The documents must be sent to email - MRG@PIBA.GOV.IL We will contact you to coordinate the date of arrival of the applicant to the Bureau.

It should be emphasized that the applicant must bring to the office a passport and the original documents sent by email.

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