About the Board of Directors

About the Board of Directors

The Diamond Exchange Board of Directors is composed of sixteen members elected biennially. The Diamond Exchange Directorate is headed by the President who is elected via personal elections.

The Directorate members are emissaries of the electorate (about 3100 members of the Diamond Exchange). Amongst their many varied assignments, of foremost importance is the ongoing promotion and continued development of the Israel diamond industry.

The Directoratemembers set the policies of the Diamond Exchange and in their capacity as Chairmen of the various committees they are responsible for all the different activities of the Diamond Exchange.

As part of their duties, the Directorate members are active in the everyday administration of the Diamond Exchange. This includes their acting as duty officers with the authority to debate and resolve matters concerning orderliness and conduct.

The Diamond Exchange President together with nine other Directorate members serve as representatives of the Diamond Exchange in the Diamond Exchange Enterprises directorate, which is responsible both for ongoing day-to-day operations of the Diamond Exchange buildings as well as long-term infrastructure investment.

The Directorate members are the official representatives of the Israel Diamond Exchange and the Israeli diamond industry in general. They promote the status of the Israel Diamond Exchange in the global diamond industry,maintain constant daily contact with the members of the Diamond Exchange and take an interest in their welfare and address members' requests for assistance from the Exchange institutions.