Computer and Internet

Computer and Internet

Committee Chair: Asher Eisen

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The committee works to provide advanced technological solutions for the Diamond Exchange

As part of the committee's activities, a number of changes and improvements have been made to streamline and improve the service provided to members.

The Corona pandemic period posed complex challenges to the diamond market and computerized systems were required to provide solutions for them:

• Efficiency - a number of systems and suppliers were replaced with new ones, which resulted in savings of hundreds of thousands of shekels in day-to-day operations.

• Upgrading the diamond exchange website - the outdated website was replaced with an innovative, user friendly website with the ability to support many users at the same time.

• Establishment of an internal PR system that updates members on diamond exchange news using email distribution systems, text messages, WhatsApp and Telegram, and of course on Facebook.

•Data Security - This is a critical issue, especially at this time during which the global cyber threats are increasing on major organizations such as the Diamond Exchange.

• Internal systems that have become outdated have been are being replaced. With the new systems in place it will be possible to provide service and information in a much faster and better way.

The committee continues to seek innovative solutions to continue to improve the service provided to members, while reducing expenses and saving money for the diamond exchange.