Cellular Committee

Cellular Committee

In the last decade, the cellular phone has become the most essential tool for the day-to-day activities of each and every one of us.

The Cellular Committee takes care of selecting the diamond exchange's communications provider and works regularly to find and provide members with the best and the most advanced available at the lowest costs available in the country.

The diamond exchange has a full service center that includes a repair lab. This is a unique center of Partner and is the only one in the country that provides a full service to a single organization.

Amongst the committee's activities in recent years:

• Execution of an agreement with Partner. Today, about 20,000 subscribers are connected to the diamond exchange network.

• Improved surfing in the trading hall, through the establishment of a very strong WIFI network unique to the diamond exchange.

• Providing members of the diamond discounted and high-quality devices

• Providing to the ultra-Orthodox and religious public of one of the most advanced kosher devices available today, which blocks content and services that are inappropriate to this public..

The committee continues to seek innovative solutions in order to continue to improve the service and quality of the products provided to members, while continuously seeking to reduce costs both to the diamond exchange and to its members.


Committee Chair: Chana (Chani) Israel

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