The Exhibitions Committee initiates and organizes trade and sales events in order to diversify and open up additional marketing channels for members.

The committee organized a variety of events and initiatives such as: the Blue and White exhibition, Israel Week in New York and Israel Week in China which began in 2019.

The flagship event of the Israel Diamond Exchange is the International Diamond Week in in Israel", which each year manages to reinvent itself and be attractive and important to the international industry.

Chairman of the Committee: Ezra Boaron

In November 2014, a modern manufacturing center was established in the diamond exchange complex, which incorporates a school for training diamond polishers.

In February 2017, the Israel Diamond Exchange inaugurated the International Tender Center in a secure complex on the 23rd floor of the Maccabi building. The center hosts rough and polished diamond tenders by the world's leading companies.

In February 2018, a technology incubator, Diamond Tech, was established within the complex of the Diamond Exchange. This center hosts high-tech companies and start-ups that deal with diamonds and are now located in the 30th floor offices of the Yahalom building. 

Committee Chair: Ezra Bouaron

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