Diamond Exchange Enterprises

Diamond Exchange Enterprises

Diamond Exchange Property Management and Maintenance Company

The Israel Diamond Exchange Enterprises (1965) Ltd. is a subsidiary of the Israel Diamond Exchange Ltd.

The company is responsible for the management of the diamond exchange's building complex - the Shimshon building, the Maccabi building and the diamond floors in the Yahalom building.

The diamond exchange complex houses about 1,000 offices of diamond companies, industry institutions such as the Diamond Exchange, the Israel Diamond Institute, the Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association and the Precious Gems Exchange.

Also located in the diamond exchange complex are the Diamond Controller’s offices, the Customs office, the polished diamond trading hall, the rough diamond trading hall, commercial bank branches, shipping companies, insurance companies, a post office branch and other commercial services.

The Board of Directors of the Diamond Exchange Enterprises outlines the policy regarding the long-term maintenance of the buildings, the improvement of the assets, the day-to-day management, the handling of special problems and the handling of security.

The building complex of the Israel Diamond Exchange is a secure complex, with all the buildings connected by internal bridges.