Another official visit

Another official visit

Deputy Minister Abir Kara at the Diamond Exchange

Today we hosted at the Israel Diamond Exchange the Deputy Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office, MK Abir Kara. During the visit, the Deputy Minister met with Exchange President Boaz Moldawsky and the Presidency members. The meeting also included a discussion of various subjects of vital importance to the Israeli diamond dealer community, including the creation of a free trade area in the complex, helpful tools for diamond dealers and assistance in accelerating the industry’s growth going forward.

Exchange CEO Eran Zini also held a comprehensive overview of the diamond industry’s economic and business activity.

At the end of the visit, Deputy Minister Abir Kara expressed his impression with the diamond industry and with its contribution to the Israeli economy and promised to continue assisting in promoting the burning issues, as much as possible, vis-à-vis government and Knesset entities.


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