The Israel Diamond Exchange celebrates Diwali

The Israel Diamond Exchange celebrates Diwali

Festival of lights


As in past years today we celebrated Diwali, which heralds the beginning of the Indian New Year, in a festive event in the president office.  The guest of honor at the event was the Deputy Ambassador of India to Israel Rajeev Bodwade. The celebration was also attended by the Indian diamond community, who live in Israel and have worked in the Diamond Exchange for many years, senior officials of the bourse, and members of the management team.
Boaz moldawsky, president of the Israel Diamond Exchange said at the event :"This year Israel and India mark 30 years of diplomatic relations. However, the Indian diamond community has been operating in the Israel Diamond Exchange for over 40 years, and plays an important role in the close ties between Israel and India, which are a central part of the fruitful trade between the industries.  This event, that we celebrate every year, symbolizes the strong friendship between the Indian diamond community and the Diamond Exchange in Israel, and the significant contribution to the global diamond industry".


Happy Diwali!