Real estate giant "China Construction" expresses interest in the stock exchange towers project

In the past year we have been working hard to build the new towers, which will turn Ramat Gan into the leading metropolis in Israel and completely change the skyline of the state. The two towers are expected to spread over 400, 00 sq.m.

Signing a memorandum of understanding with the President of the Diamond Exchange in Shanghai
The Israeli Diamond Exchange hosted a delegation of dignitaries from China, and signed a memorandum of understanding.
Credit limits in India have been significantly reduced: exports are expected to decline
According to diamond exports, the banks' stance on the credit limit is hurting Indian industry, as the resulting liquidity crunch may cause exports to reduce .
Members of Diamond Exchange donated to the National Center for the Health of IDF Casualties

More than 1,000,000 NIS of the total cost for the center was donated by members of the Israel Diamond Exchange.

Supervisor of Banks, Dr. Hedva Bar, visits the diamond exchange

Dr. Hedva Bar, Supervisor of Banks, visited the Diamond Exchange   .

Gahcho Kué mine's largest diamond
A 95.21-carat rough white octahedron diamond was found last month at the Gahcho Kué mine.
Inter-Bourse Trading Events are Bringing Life to Diamond Exchanges

If there is one clear thing that the annual International Diamond Week in Israel held at the Israel Diamond Exchange illustrates, it is the importance of inter-bourse events and other fairs staged in diamond exchanges.

Shopping Malls Battling To Stay In Business In Changing Times
One of the great issues facing the US retail industry currently, and particularly in the light of growing Internet-based sales, is the future of shopping malls. Some analysts believe that the decline in the mall 'experience' is yet another repercussion of the financial crisis of 2008 and the huge recession that followed by turning many US consumers into necessity-based shoppers. Consequently, that did away with the need to spend a day, or even just an afternoon, impulse shopping at the mall which has America's 'public square' for the last 60 years. All across the United States are the sad remains of once-thriving shopping malls.
Canada Strengthens Position as World's No. 3 Rough Diamond Producer
It takes a long time to develop a diamond mine, with the figure usually given being about 15 years.
Will Political Changes Boost Southern African Diamond Output?
Since mid-2017, there have been significant changes in Southern Africa that could bring about changes to the continent's diamond output. After years of mismanagement, last February saw the resignation of South African President Jacob Zuma.
De Beers Launches Artisanal And Small-Scale Diamond Mining Program
De Beers is preparing to pilot a program called GemFair to create a secure and transparent route to market for ethically-sourced artisanal and small-scale mined (ASM) diamonds.
In Surprise Move, Rosy Blue to Invest in Leo Schachter

Indian/Belgian diamond company Rosy Blue is to become a minority investor in Leo Schachter, the firms announced.